Bonnie Fazbunny or commonly known as Bonnie is one of the main antagonist of the Golden Club Movies and is also the main antagonist of Bonnie and Kermits Weird and Crazy Adventures.


Bonnie usually is calm and is the smart one but sometimes gets angry at Kermitsfa from chewing on his arm.


Bonnie was born in a lab house in Nuuk, Greenland. His father was bugs bunny and hit mother was loonie bunny. When he grew up, he played with sticks and stones and liked to go fishing in the cold Greenland water. when he turned seven, he and his family moved to Rapid City, South Dakota where he and his family grew carrots and peaches on a farm they had. When Bonnie was 14, he got hired at a pizza place called freddy fazbears pizzeria but instantly the place failed. Bonnie moved to Salado Texas where he found a guy named Scott Cawthon who hired him to put him in his game Five nights at freddys. After a year of doing this Bonnie Moved to Sacramento, California where he currently lives and has friends like Kermitsfa, Foxy, Teddy, Sheepy and Chica.


-He is actually the first character to appear on the channel, the second being Kermitsfa

-He does not like shrimp

-His favorite game is FNAF

-He is based off of a Sanshee FNAF Bonnie Plush


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