Kermitsfa super asian frog man, or rather commonly just known as Kermitsfa, is one of the main character in the Golden Club Movies and is the main antagonist of Bonnie and Kermits weird and crazy adventures.


Kermitsfa is usually known to be very stupid and very dumb. He also does weird and stupid hobbies like chewing on his arm and running into walls.

History Kermitsfa was born in a swamp in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He was a fast baby back at the time. When he grew up, he liked to play with sticks and play leapfrog. When he was five, he hit his head on a wall near his home swamp very hard ( which probably explains why he is stupid and his weird hobby of running into walls). When he turned ten, his family moved to New Orleans to pursue a dream in art but unfortunately didn't get the job. Kermitsfa went to school and loved to read and write (which he is quite bad at). He dropped out of school at the age of sixteen to move to Reno, Nevada, to serve as a bar tender at the silver legacy resort which he only served two weeks due to a lack of serving from "chewing his arm". When he turned seventeen he moved to Sacramento, California. Where he pursued a dream in being friends with everyone in which two years later, He met Bonnie while he was walking back to his house from the grocery store. Bonnie invited Kermitsfa into his house to find out that he was stupid and dumb but respected Bonnie and listened to him when he gave orders. Bonnie and Kermitsfa become best friends and later on had weird and crazy adventures.


-He is currently the only puppet in Golden Club

-He is the currently and only character to be born in America

-Kermitsfa IQ Is actually 0.00000001

-He is the dumbest out of all the characters

-He loves chewing his arm

His Birthday Is Actually National Frog Day.


{{infobox character
 | name         = Kermitsfa
 | image        =
 | Hobbies      = Chewing on his arm, running into walls.
 | Friends      = Bonnie, Foxy, Teddy, Sheepy
 | birthDate    = August 26th, 1995
 | birthPlace   = Baton Rouge, Lousisiana
 | species      = Frog
 | gender       = Male
 | height       = 5'5
 | weight       = 56P
 | eyes         = Blind as a bat


{{infobox character
 | Name         = Kermitsfa Super Asian Frog Man
 | image        =
 | Friends      = Bonnie, Foxy, Teddy, Sheepy.
 | Diversity      = German, Asian, American.
 |  =
 | marital      =
 | birthDate    = August 26th, 1995 | Baton Rouge   = Louisiana
 | deathDate    =
 | deathPlace   =
 | species      = Plant
 | gender       =
 | height       =
 | weight       =
 | eyes         = 
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